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Hemp fibre is the bast fibre that grows on the outside of an industrial hemp plant. To extract this from the stem the process starts at harvest. We cut the plant in early August using our own designed and built hemp cutter - the stalk is then left to 'rett' (this is a biological process that makes use of the soil microbes to weaken the bond between shiv and fibre). This process takes 5 weeks during which time we need both rain and sun. When retting is complete, we bale the crop and store undercover until needed.

The bales of hemp straw are then fed through our processing machinery which separates hemp fibre from hemp shiv; this machinery is a series of mills, shredders, feeders and cleaners. At the end of the processing line hemp fibre is baled into 450kg bales ready for delivery to customers.

One of our customers is Harrison Spinks in Leeds, mattress producers, who use hemp fibre for its strength and due to it being excellent at regulating the body's temperatrue when used as a mattress filling. Harrison Spinks believe in using local famers and using sustainable materials in their mattresses, and so they approached us to supply them with our hemp fibre.

Another customer is Thermafleece who make loft insulation from natural fibres.  One of their products is NatraHemp insulation batt, which contains 60% hemp fibre. It is used in houses for insulation between rafters, joists and studs, providing excellent thermal insulation performance; it can also provide a good accoustic insulation in a variety of systems. The hemp fibre is a suitable product for insulations as it is highly breathable,  safe, and can be recycled.

We receive lots of enquiries looking to use hemp fibre, either as a replacement for man made fibres in a current product or for the development of a new product. We welcome any enquiries - contact us on 01964 542477 or by email to


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