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HempBedz is made from natural hemp shiv, the woody core of the hemp plant. When separated from the external fibre hemp shiv gives a highly absorbent bedding. HempBedz is an ideal replacement for straw, paper or shavings for all pets, horses and poultry. HempBedz is suitable for deep litter beds and for use in stables with rubber mats.

HempBedz is:

  • Highly absorbent
  • Cost effective
  • Dust extracted
  • Easy to handle
  • Labour-saving
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Odour reducing

HempBedz is capable of absorbing more liquid than wood shavings or straw, making the bed stay drier for longer.

Because HemShiv is dust-extracted it is kind to your animal's respiratory system. HempBedz is not acidic so less likely to irritate your pets eyes, as shavings and other bedding materials can. In addition, animal odours will be reduced as HempBedz absorbs ammonia and other animal smells.

HempBedz is available direct from us or from one of our distributors - you can find a list on the Distributors page of this website.

Dust extracted hay and straw are also available from us or our distributors packed in heat sealed bales for your convenience.

How to use HempBedz for horses

If starting with a clean stable you will need 6-8 bales of HemShiv for a 12'x12' stable.

If starting from an existing bed do not clean out all your previous bedding (as this is a waste) but use fresh HemShiv round the outside of your stable. As your old bedding becomes soiled remove in the normal way.

Once all old bedding is used continue as above - you will then notice how much longer HempBedz lasts! From this point disturb the bed as little as possible, remove droppings daily and wet patches every three to five days. Top up with fresh HempBedz as required.

The average requirement for one horse is half to one bale per week.

"The horses are loving their Hempbedz. I've never seen the horses lying down so much and all at the time since we changed to your hemp bedding proving it must be very comfortable for them.  Also would like to say the muck cart only needs emptying once a week now since we changed to hemp. A great product to put on the floor of the horse box for travelling we get two or three trips out of it before having to put new in. Great stuff to work with" 

Alan Spalding - Sport Horse UK Ltd - Aberdeen

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