Hemp Fibre

Interested in using hemp fibre?

We receive lots of enquiries from companies looking to use hemp fibre, either as a replacement for man-made fibres in a current product or for the development of a new product. We welcome any enquiries – contact us on 01964 542477 or by email to info@eastyorkshirehemp.co.uk.

Hemp Fibre Process

Hemp fibre is a bast fibre, which means that it grows on the outside of an industrial hemp plant.
The process to extract fibre from the stem starts in early August when we cut the plant using our own designed and built hemp cutter we then leave the stalks on the ground to ‘rett’. This is a biological process that makes use of soil microbes to weaken the bond between the fibre and the woody core (shiv). Retting takes around 5-6 weeks during which time we need both rain and sun. When retting is complete, we bale the crop and store under cover until needed.
Our processing machinery separates hemp fibre from hemp shiv; this machinery is a series of mills, shredders, feeders and cleaners. At the end of the processing line, hemp fibre is baled into 350kg bales ready for delivery to customers. We also have smaller 20kg bales for sale.

Our customers include:
Harrison Spinks use natural fibres inside their mattresses – hemp, flax, cotton, wool and cashmere – all-natural alternatives to oil-based polyester fibres used in most mattresses. Harrison Spinks’ luxurious mattresses are handcrafted in Yorkshire using their own innovative pocket spring technology, combined with Hempure they offer a resilient and durable temperature regulating layer utilising hemp fibre’s excellent properties for absorbency and strength while the softer fillings provide maximum comfort for a perfect night’s sleep.

Camira Fabrics has combined two of nature’s cleverest renewable fibres to create upholstery fabrics of natural beauty. Wool and hemp have been blended together to create a range of fabrics with soft-handle and inherent flame retardancy available in a beautiful array of 21 colours and with a ten year wear guarantee.

IndiNature are about to launch their new products
IndiTherm® loft insulation batts and IndiBoard® semi-rigid insulation boards both made from hemp fibres and can be used in buildings for insulation between rafters, joists and studs, providing excellent thermal insulation performance and also provide good acoustic insulation. Both products can be used individually in any building type – but when combined they create a highly efficient insulation system – IndiBreathe®
Hemp fibre insulation is highly breathable, safe (contains no irritating fibres) and can be recycled.