Biomass Fuel

Biomass boilers are fuelled by natural materials which generate heat. Biomass fuel is developed from material that is renewable and sustainable source of energy with it been grown yearly. Hemplogz are all of these, they are made from the fine dust, short fibres and small pieces of hemp shiv from our hemp processing line which are pressed to make hemp briquettes.

Using Hemp instead of fossil fuels helps to prevent long-term climate change, since the carbon dioxide released during the burning is actually absorbed while the hemp is growing, so they are essentially carbon neutral. This is why we feel our hemp briquettes would be a great source of fuel for biomass boilers. Hemplogz are high energy burners letting off a lot of heat which is what a boiler will require to produce the heat which is then used to heat up the water for your home. Biomass boilers are normally bigger than their fossil fuel-burning boilers, since they would be burning a renewable fuel as opposed to gas, the boiler needs to be larger to hold the larger volume of fuel.

Hemplogz can be stored easily, either stacked or in loose in large containers near the biomass boiler, to allow easy filling.

Contact us for more information if you would be interested in using hemplogz as your biomass fuel.